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Georgia Travelers Shooting Club

Georgia Travelers Shooting Club™, Inc. (‘GTSC™’) was formed to provide amateur, recreational shooters an on-going calendar of sporting clay tournaments.  Tournaments among friends who seek to avoid the cost and stress of national and state sponsored tournaments. Membership is open to everyone, men, women, youth and organized youth teams, who desire a relaxed and enjoyable shooting experience and friendly competition. A wonderful lunch and fellowship with other shooters completes the Georgia Travelers experience. Good sportsmanship is the foundation of the GTSC™.

GTSC™ publishes an annual calendar of shoot dates and locations each year. GTSC™’s objective is to hold monthly tournaments with a year-end shooter awards banquet. 

GTSC™’s primary range of tournaments among host clubs is within Georgia. Venturing into neighboring states and other special shoots are anticipated as well. On-line registration for each tournament will open a month in advance.

You’ll enjoy friendly competition with an absolutely level playing field. Every aspect of GTSC™ competition is fair and all shooters are on equal footing. The GTSC™ ‘shoot model’ provides a balance of target difficulty with a few ‘unusual’ or seldom seen target presentations throw in. GTSC™ has developed its own scoring and classification system which is devoid of handicaps or any type of bias or adjustment. In terms of score and classification “what you shoot is what you get”.


Shooters are ranked annually using a five class system (AAA, AA, A, B, C). Awards are presented at the Year End Banquet (June) to the top 3 shooters in each class. The Club Champion enjoys free shooting for a year.


With the launch of GTSC™’s website, GEORGIATRAVELERS.ORG, the shooter takes control of his / her shooting. GTSC™ Member shooters have the ability to register on-line for themselves or squads of six. They also enjoy access to all GTSC™ detailed scoring breakdown and all Club publications. Soon, Members will also be able to enter their scores and track their shooting over time with continuously updated results. There will be many additional benefits for GTSC™’s Members when all planned systems come on-line.

Over the course of a year, Georgia Travelers Shooting Club will travel across the state visiting host clubs from the mountains of north Georgia to middle Georgia and the coastal plains. We’ll shoot in a variety of environments and enjoy a wide spectrum of targets.

At each shoot, we hope to have excellent meals for lunch. Depending on the venue, the shoot will have a choice of food to enjoy. Come experience a day of shooting and fellowship with like-minded folks.

GTSC™ also welcomes Guest Shooters and non-shooting Guests. Guest shooters can participate in two Georgia Travelers' shoots without a membership. As a Guest, you'll also enjoy the same low tournament costs as our members.  


A Not-for-Profit Georgia Corporation

Come 0n ……. Let’s Shoot ™

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